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Research 5/11

Employer Uses Facebook To Snag ‘Sick’ Worker… this blog discusses the sticky situation of a worker who called in sick to her job saying that she can’t work in front of a computer due to a migraine. Come to find out, later that day one of her co-workers caught her hanging out on her Facebook profile and was then fired. Be careful what you lie about, and maybe there is a good time to get rid of Facebook all together.


Research 5/11

Can entrepreneurs be taught? Or are they just born? In this blog written by Rieva Lesonsky, it discusses today’s booming field of organizations to teach entrepreneurs what to do. She talks about what these organizations can do for both the born and unborn business savvy people. She also discusses the basis of these organizations starting in elementary schools and going all the way to college because your never to young to start thinking about what you want to do in life and making a plan.

Research 5/3

In this small business blog, it discusses 5 reasons why entrepreneur’s will emerge from the recession. First is that entrepreneurs are free and unhindered. The second is recessions give birth to recession babies.  Third, entrepreneurs instill trust in skeptical consumers. The fourth is changing markets demand innovation. And last is it boosts local economies.

Research 4/26

In order to succeed at running a business, just like everything else in life, you have to not be scared of failing. Riena Lesonsky discusses three steps to overcoming your fear of failure. This blog discusses how to use failure as a technique of learning what to do and what not to do. The first step is to observe your company with what is working and what isn’t. The second step is to adjust the problems you’ve identified. The last step is a very important one and to move on and not to dwell on the past.

Research 4/20

Freedom is actually free. When your a business owner the internet is the perfect tool to get you started and stay fresh. However, the internet can also find it’s sneaky way to waste endless hours of needed work. While the internet has come up with millions of ways to keep you active from twitter to Facebook status to instant messenger, the newest thing is to unplug yourself with the new mac application called Freedom. Basically it lets you self-time a shut off system so you have time in your day to not focus on the computer and get other real life things done. There is not yet a PC version, but will be coming shortly.

Research 4/12

This blog is discussing the issue of retail. Many stores are seeing an increase in customers that is a change from this time last year. The blog links to websites that discuss the retail metrics of this on-going worry. It’s a short blog, but basically gives hope to look forward to in the next couple months for business all over the country.

Research 4/5

This blog is about the tools of pitching your business. It is basically a how to pitch your business to the media. It is also a how not to. The second paragraph starts with examples of pitches that were horrible and what went wrong with them. This blog gives insight on what to focus on when pitching your ideas, such as keeping track of who you’ve already pitched to and the publications associated with a specific outlet. Even thoguh this blog says some things that people should all ready know to do, such as double check your work before you press send, it gives a lot of insight on things many people may not think of when it comes to pitching your business. The main focus this blog points out is DETAILS!

Blog Research 3/29

This blog discusses the finer side of consumer spending. While personal income has fallen about $29 billion dollars, consumer spending has jumped .2 percent. However, recent price changes have changed consumer spending to decrease and have people focus on savings. These changes in savings will allow more spending to be done when the economy turns around. This is an important issue to business owners showing that there is hope to keeping the customers coming back eve though there is a recession going on.

Research 3/8

In an entrepreneur blog, I found some interesting information. This blog is focused towards people wanting to start a business. Basically it’s to share information on the do’s and dont’s and what’s working or what’s not. I like the link usage that gives the readers an easy way to see what is being talked about. In this week’s blog, there’s a link that is about what ideas for a business are still good. It’s definitely a useful site to get a feel about what other people are thinking.

Southern Marylanders Jobless

Southern Maryland workers are finding themselves more often without a job than employed. I just got off the phone with daycare owner Kristie Scott who says she has found an unexpected link in her line of work. When buying her own daycare, Kristie didn’t think this far ahead. Because of people losing their jobs, their now staying home more often and not needing the daycare as much as they needed before. Kristie now has to lay off workers who have kids in the daycare. For her company this recession has become a major chain reaction.

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