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Reporting 5/3

Jeannae Briscoe, owner of J.Pink has opened up her second store in Solomons, MD. She has also started a blog for her store on the website. She is very excited about the new store and has is looking for people to work in both shops.


Reporting 4/26

I got an interview with one of the moms of a little girl at the dance studio. Mrs. Fowble discussed me with benefits of her daughter dancing at a smaller studio as opposed to a big studio with too many kids and teacher.

“I like how Julie teachers almost every single one of her classes she has. She’s become like a mother to all the girls which give them the sense of security and home-like.”

Reporting 4/20

Jorgina called me this week to mention that she has a little girl who races ATV’s and while she is getting better, wants her store to think of being her sponsor. Basically the store would have their Lemon Drop logo placed on the bike while she went from race to race. 

“I’d love to have my store flashed around the race tracks. I’ve been to so many races where there’s lingering moms, sisters, and girlfriends. It’d be great for the store and fun to help her out.”

Reporting 4/12

I interviewed one of the employees from the daycare who got laid off. I was curious to what she was going to do now with having to deal with losing her job and the care for her kids. I was thinking that she could maybe start a blog that was attached to the multimedia project that gave supporting advice to people going through the same problem. Kind of like testimonials.

Kia Jones- “I would tell people not to get frustrated and just take one day at a time. It’s always better to keep things calm and not stress out because then it’s brought back on your home life and no one wants that.”

Reporting 4/5

For my slide show I am pretty certain I’m going to focus my story on Julie Rogers Dance Studio. I have gotten pictures of the girls dancing in the studio, teachers teaching, and the studio its self. I have gotten some of the girls quotes on my recorded to have as podcasts and running during the slide show. I am also debating on incorporating an interview I did with an alumna and how she used her experiences at that studio to move on into the world after high school dancing.

Christina Barton:

“We danced on a tile floor that covered concrete,” Barton said. “Not really the best floor for a dancer’s knees, but because I was so used to jumping on tile, now when I’m on a spring floor I feel like I’m flying.”

Reporting 3/29

I interviewed a frequent customer of J.P. Ink to get more insight of the consumer perspective. She basically gave me many reasons why she goes to the store. Reasons like needing a last minute present, needing somewhere to pass some time or just to have a friendly conversation. Melissa Gertz has given me great quotes to use from a consumers point of view.

Reporting 3/8

So I just got back from a dance competition that Julie Rogers Studio of Dance attended. I talked to a bunch of the dancers about a lot of different topics trying to find a focal point for the slideshow. I think that making the slide show about a dance studio would be beneficial because the pictures would be more movement and the story would be told better visually. The odd twist in this story is that the girls dance in a barn. Talk about a small county. I spoke to Julie Rogers about her remodeling the outside of the studio about a year ago. There’s a lot more that could be accomplished with this studio and I have a meeting set with her to discuss in more detail about her plans are for any future remodeling.


I talked to the owners of two similar stores in Calvert County. Both stores kind of have the same feel to them but have come from two different ideas. From outsiders opinion, they feel as if the stores are headed for competition. Some onlookers have expressed their feelings towards each store and favor a certain one because of their own taste. After recently talking with both store owners I have found some nifty information. Both stores are in the process of opening up a second store.

Jorgina Colyn:

“It’s a lot of work to open up a second shop, but it was nice to see many familiar faces migrate from the first one to the newer shop.”

“I love being in two different parts of southern maryland so that it’s convenient for everyone to make their way in.”


Jeannae Briscoe:

“We wont open till maybe April, but we have the place and the drive so I think it will work out.”

“My sister’s going to run the second shop so I think that will lessen the intensity of having to be two places at once.”

Reporting on Multimedia package

I have contacted two of the four or five business owners I intend to interview. With these two business owners I have set up potential times to interview them and record their stories on how they decided to open their own stores. These two owners have similar stores and it will be interesting to see where both of them came from and their journeys to how they got where they are in their businesses now. During these interviews I have gotten their permission to take pictures of their shops and the staff for the site. I can also use one of these stories as the slideshow if I find the right angle.