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Research 5/11

Employer Uses Facebook To Snag ‘Sick’ Worker… this blog discusses the sticky situation of a worker who called in sick to her job saying that she can’t work in front of a computer due to a migraine. Come to find out, later that day one of her co-workers caught her hanging out on her Facebook profile and was then fired. Be careful what you lie about, and maybe there is a good time to get rid of Facebook all together.


Research 5/11

Can entrepreneurs be taught? Or are they just born? In this blog written by Rieva Lesonsky, it discusses today’s booming field of organizations to teach entrepreneurs what to do. She talks about what these organizations can do for both the born and unborn business savvy people. She also discusses the basis of these organizations starting in elementary schools and going all the way to college because your never to young to start thinking about what you want to do in life and making a plan.

Reflection of Project

I feel throughout this project that I learned a good amount of time management. I really enjoyed how things were due over the semester and not all at the end. But I mainly learned that I really want to get a good outline of what I want my story to look like before I go and interview people because sometimes I felt that my story would have flowed better together while writing if I had different people quoted.

Research 5/3

In this small business blog, it discusses 5 reasons why entrepreneur’s will emerge from the recession. First is that entrepreneurs are free and unhindered. The second is recessions give birth to recession babies.  Third, entrepreneurs instill trust in skeptical consumers. The fourth is changing markets demand innovation. And last is it boosts local economies.

Reporting 5/3

Jeannae Briscoe, owner of J.Pink has opened up her second store in Solomons, MD. She has also started a blog for her store on the website. She is very excited about the new store and has is looking for people to work in both shops.

Reaction 5/3

                   I chose to take a look at The Whale Hunt multimedia project. I really enjoyed this project because it’s clean and simple. The navigation is really cool and easy to use. I also really enjoyed the use of pictures in this project. With the pictures and the captions, you really got a sense of what the trip was all about. I think that the coolest part of the project though was the slideshow. I think the pace of one picture to the next is good for what the slideshow is trying to get across.