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Reporting 4/26

I got an interview with one of the moms of a little girl at the dance studio. Mrs. Fowble discussed me with benefits of her daughter dancing at a smaller studio as opposed to a big studio with too many kids and teacher.

“I like how Julie teachers almost every single one of her classes she has. She’s become like a mother to all the girls which give them the sense of security and home-like.”


Research 4/26

In order to succeed at running a business, just like everything else in life, you have to not be scared of failing. Riena Lesonsky discusses three steps to overcoming your fear of failure. This blog discusses how to use failure as a technique of learning what to do and what not to do. The first step is to observe your company with what is working and what isn’t. The second step is to adjust the problems you’ve identified. The last step is a very important one and to move on and not to dwell on the past.

Reporting 4/20

Jorgina called me this week to mention that she has a little girl who races ATV’s and while she is getting better, wants her store to think of being her sponsor. Basically the store would have their Lemon Drop logo placed on the bike while she went from race to race. 

“I’d love to have my store flashed around the race tracks. I’ve been to so many races where there’s lingering moms, sisters, and girlfriends. It’d be great for the store and fun to help her out.”

Research 4/20

Freedom is actually free. When your a business owner the internet is the perfect tool to get you started and stay fresh. However, the internet can also find it’s sneaky way to waste endless hours of needed work. While the internet has come up with millions of ways to keep you active from twitter to Facebook status to instant messenger, the newest thing is to unplug yourself with the new mac application called Freedom. Basically it lets you self-time a shut off system so you have time in your day to not focus on the computer and get other real life things done. There is not yet a PC version, but will be coming shortly.

Reaction 4/20

According to gathering audio, photojournalism is moving with the times and is changing the digital revolution. The use of audio added to a set of photos is in all ways beneficial. I like the benefit of audio adding a voice to the subject. I think that it gives the project a much more emotional feel for the topic whether its focused on a tragedy or a a comedian. I feel that the audio gives a more in-depth feel to what the reporter is trying to get across. Sometimes still pictures give a false image and captions can only say so much, but if there is an explanation of details, maybe communication will come across more clear.

Research 4/12

This blog is discussing the issue of retail. Many stores are seeing an increase in customers that is a change from this time last year. The blog links to websites that discuss the retail metrics of this on-going worry. It’s a short blog, but basically gives hope to look forward to in the next couple months for business all over the country.

Reporting 4/12

I interviewed one of the employees from the daycare who got laid off. I was curious to what she was going to do now with having to deal with losing her job and the care for her kids. I was thinking that she could maybe start a blog that was attached to the multimedia project that gave supporting advice to people going through the same problem. Kind of like testimonials.

Kia Jones- “I would tell people not to get frustrated and just take one day at a time. It’s always better to keep things calm and not stress out because then it’s brought back on your home life and no one wants that.”

Reaction 4/12

The first map off of 10,000 words is titled “Junta Holds Back.” I don’t think it’s actually interactive though. Yes you can click on it to take you to an article with maps about the topic, but there isn’t any activity for the viewer. It would have been cool for the map to be linked to maybe pictures or something that gave more detail. The second was a map about a camper attacked by a bear at High Point State Park. This can give people a sense of the area the attack happened. The third map about the mix up shows that a map can explain confusion of places that may be mixed up and cause a lot of questions. The best thing is to make sure the reader understands what is going on.

Research 4/5

This blog is about the tools of pitching your business. It is basically a how to pitch your business to the media. It is also a how not to. The second paragraph starts with examples of pitches that were horrible and what went wrong with them. This blog gives insight on what to focus on when pitching your ideas, such as keeping track of who you’ve already pitched to and the publications associated with a specific outlet. Even thoguh this blog says some things that people should all ready know to do, such as double check your work before you press send, it gives a lot of insight on things many people may not think of when it comes to pitching your business. The main focus this blog points out is DETAILS!

Reporting 4/5

For my slide show I am pretty certain I’m going to focus my story on Julie Rogers Dance Studio. I have gotten pictures of the girls dancing in the studio, teachers teaching, and the studio its self. I have gotten some of the girls quotes on my recorded to have as podcasts and running during the slide show. I am also debating on incorporating an interview I did with an alumna and how she used her experiences at that studio to move on into the world after high school dancing.

Christina Barton:

“We danced on a tile floor that covered concrete,” Barton said. “Not really the best floor for a dancer’s knees, but because I was so used to jumping on tile, now when I’m on a spring floor I feel like I’m flying.”

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