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Ira Glass

I think Ira Glass is a very perceptive writer. This interview was very interesting and entertaining to watch; really able to keep the viewers attention, even through all the four parts.

Ira begins with talking about anecdotes and described different ways of using them that aren’t the same every time. It was interesting to listen to him use the example of a man walking through his quiet house. When he was done giving his example I found myself wanting to hear more of it to see what happened next. He proved his point in the example by stating that an anecdote took a boring story and turned it into suspense. He touched on the usefulness of the anecdote and reflection. I never thought of how well the reflection and the anecdote can be used together. The way Ira explained there relationship to the whole story showed the viewer a different way to twist a story.

An important issue in our class that Ira discussed was that half the battle is finding a story. He’s inspirational in saying that you have to “kill” the story and get rid of the boring parts.

 I really enjoyed watching his interview and found his techniques very useful.


Reporting on Multimedia package

I have contacted two of the four or five business owners I intend to interview. With these two business owners I have set up potential times to interview them and record their stories on how they decided to open their own stores. These two owners have similar stores and it will be interesting to see where both of them came from and their journeys to how they got where they are in their businesses now. During these interviews I have gotten their permission to take pictures of their shops and the staff for the site. I can also use one of these stories as the slideshow if I find the right angle.

From Unemployed to Self-Employed

This article was found on the Google News website. The article “From Unemployed to Self-Employed” is a feature story on someone who decided to open their own place instead of dealing with the hassle of applying for jobs that he was going to be laid off from. With the economy in such a downfall, more and more people are getting laid off from their jobs at bid corporations. People are starting to resort to opening their own business and each person had their own story of how they are doing it.

Reaction to TV blog

The blog I chose to look at and discuss was the television blog named Lost Remote. The author has been blogging for the past 8 years on the same topic. The topic of choice has been the Television industry doing dumb things. The blog consists of one main blog page of posts and the ability to comment on those posts. Each post has links that lead the reader to a page associated with the topic giving the reader more information on that topic. The posts vary from television updates for the readers and ideas for television as media. The updates tend to focus more on factual information. The ideas for television are more opinionated from the author and the others who have commented on that post. I like how the blog was written. Most posts were short and easy to read. His opinion posts really showed his funny and down-to-earth personality, that make it enjoyable to read blogs like this one.

Baltimore Trees Blog

This blog is about a woman who grows trees and then discusses what she is doing about them. In A Tree Grower’s Diary,  Julie Walton Shaver gives good details in how to grow trees and why they are so important.

Semester Project Ideas

Small Businesses in a small town: What small businesses are doing to survive in an economy like ours and in a small town like Calvert County. For a place that many people don’t know is on the map, what these businesses have to offer. 


Baltimore Trees: What Baltimore is doing to try to preserve trees in the area and plant new ones. Also what local schools are doing to get their campuses to go green. Towson’s Tree Club is really involved with the campus to recycling and planting new trees around campus.

Bakery Story

I chose to review the Bakery story. I have found that i am a very visual person. I felt that the author of the written story did a very good job in describing the Bakery. Though the article was good in getting me to visualize the story, I enjoyed being able to have faces to picture when reading the story. I think they both went together really well because the slideshow was useful to get a more intimate relationship with the story, but the written part is what really gives the details of why the Baker is being talked about. Multimedia stories sometimes need some more to their stories than the pictures. For a story like this it was great to get the whole story and pictures to go with it.